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I’m ready to meet you and hear your story, and help you work out what will help you. Clients have said that I provide a warm and welcome space, where they feel safe and heard.

I support people in a wide range of areas...

When life is not as you want it to be, for whatever reason...
Sexuality and Sexual Issues
Self Esteem and Confidence
Feeling low or depressed
Stress and life issues
Anxiety and panic attacks
Communication difficulties
Suicidal thoughts or self-harm
Confidence and self esteem
Decision making, career or life paths
Parenting issues
Bereavement including pregnancy loss
Pregnancy choices
Sexual, physical or emotional abuse
Isolation and loneliness
Life changes and life stages
Coping with illness

Types of Therapy Available

Personal Counselling

Relationships Counselling

Psycho-Sexual Counselling


Personal therapy session with a counsellor and a patient in front of each other

Personal Counselling

This may also be referred to as individual or life counselling or talk therapy. It is when an individual client meets me for counselling to talk about issues that are affecting their life, perhaps something that is causing them distress or areas where they would like to make a change.
Clients will have an opportunity to talk, to be listened to, to explore their feelings and gain some understanding of their issue. They may discover new ways of coping, setting goals for themselves, planning for change and building their knowledge around their own wellbeing needs. They will be given time and space to think and work things out with encouragement, support and without judgement.

Couples and Relationships Counselling

Couples counselling or ‘relationship counselling’ is where both partners within a couple relationship attend counselling sessions with me to explore issues that might be affecting their relationship. Couples of all sexual orientations, genders, age and marital status are welcome to attend couples counselling. Couples can attend counselling at any stage in their relationship, such as when they are getting to know each other or when they have been together for a long time.

Life changes such as health issues, unemployment, the birth of a child, getting older or anything that impacts how each partner is feeling or behaving, can benefit from couples counselling. Couples may need support around adjusting to these changes and working through them together. Challenges such as communication difficulties, an affair, loss of interest in the relationship, sexual issues, arguments and conflict may also bring couples to counselling.

In couples counselling both partners are given the opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings about their relationship and how they respond to each other within it. Couples counselling can be a space for couples to speak honestly with each other and to hear what their partner needs to say. They work together with me for the benefit of their relationship.

Therapist with two people
A guy during a psycho sexual therapy session

Psycho-Sexual Counselling

This can also be known as sex therapy or sex and relationship counselling. People can experience sexual difficulties in their lives or want to understand themselves better as sexual beings, whether they are in a relationship or not.

There are a variety of reasons why people attend for psycho-sexual therapy. It could be in relation to changes within their sexual relationship such as loss of desire, reduced sexual pleasure or loss of sexual interest. It may be in relation to premature ejaculation, erectile problems, or painful sex. People may also want to talk about their sexual orientation or gender, body image, the impact of menopause or worries around pornography use.

Psycho-sexual therapy looks at both the sexual and psychological issues that people are experiencing and how they are connected. Space is offered to explore and understand what problems are occurring and what might be needed. Support might include information and guidance to help address the issues, help to improve communication and self- awareness and referral to additional services.

Individuals or couples of all sexual orientations, genders and relationship status can attend for psycho-sexual therapy, to work through issues that are impacting them individually or within a relationship.


I offer a range of online and face to face workshops at different times throughout the year on a variety of topics.

These include:

  • Up Close and Personal, a workshop to improve your intimate and sexual relationships.
  • Write it Out, a workshop on personal writing and journaling to improve mental wellbeing.
  • See it, Do it, a workshop to guide you through the creation of your own vision and intention board.

Keep an eye on my Blog and on social media for dates!

Therapy workshop with a group of people and a therapist

What happens in the first therapy session?

Coming to counselling for the first time can be a little bit challenging. So let’s talk about what might happen in the first session.
Session Duration

- 1 hour for individuals
- 1 hour 15 min for couples

Session Format

- In-Person
- Phone or Online

You don’t need to lie on a couch!

We will arrange a time for your appointment when you first get in touch. Your session can be in person, or by phone (usually on WhatsApp) or online (usually through Zoom). For in-person sessions, people can sometimes think they will have to lie on a couch and that I just take lots of notes. This is not the case! We have a lovely couch, but you just sit on it and after the first session, I don’t write! (though I do make some brief session notes afterwards as all counsellors do).


At the beginning of the first session we do have some paperwork. We will go over the Confidentiality and Counselling Agreement which I will have sent to you. We discuss this to ensure that you understand it and I will try to answer any questions you might have about confidentiality. I take your contact details, emergency contact etc. I also take a brief history including your general health and wellbeing, medications, family details, lifestyle, relationships in your life, work study etc. This just gives me a picture of your life situation. After this, I will invite you to tell me a little about yourself.

Questions I might ask:

  1. What brings you to therapy at this time?
  2. What is happening in your life right now
  3. What do you hope would be different after therapy.

What do you have to do during a therapy session?

That is up to you! You can say as much or as little as you wish, in your own way and in your own time. I will listen and encourage you. I might ask you to say a little more about something, I might tell you what I think I have heard you say, so that I have understood. We might agree on some goals or focus for your ongoing therapy so that we talk about what you need.

Some clients:

  • Talk a lot
  • Talk a little
  • Are not sure what to say
  • Feel anxious
  • Cry
  • Don’t cry
  • Find it hard to put things into words
  • Think they might not make sense

Most feel better that they have made a start! At the end of the session, if you have felt comfortable meeting me and wish to continue, we set a date and time for the next session.

What are the options for therapy?

Short term support

1 to 6 sessions

Long term support

From 6 sessions upwards

What do I need to know about your therapy sessions?

You can phone, text or email. Go to Contact Me page for details.

Sometimes unexpected things happen and you might need to cancel or reschedule. I ask for 24 hours notice where possible. Cancellation fee of half the session cost may be applied for very short notices (if cancelled in less than 24 hours).
I accept PayPal, Revolut and cash paid in session.
  • Individual sessions are €60.
  • Couples therapy sessions are €80.
  • Student rate is €50.
  • Special rate for counselling student is €45, while attending counselling as part of their training requirements.
This is possible, please contact me for details.
No. But you can make an online payment via Revolut or PayPal.

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